Interfaccia grafica Web HTML5

Corrado Pavan    Mittwoch, 16. September 2020

Being able to develop a cross-platform operator interface is a fundamental requirement for machine builders.

Starting from version 1.0.27, UNIQO HMI supports the creation of HMI applications accessible from any device using a simple HTML 5 browser.

Many products available on the market propose solutions exclusively based on web architectures, such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript.

UNIQO HMI instead was born with an idea of platform-independency much deeper and intrinsic in the basic architecture.

UNIQO HMI allows creating HMI applications for ARM and x86 architectures, with Windows and Linux operating systems, natively supporting the different platforms.

The graphic rendering engine of UNIQO HMI guarantees a high-quality user experience on all systems, especially on installations where low-cost and limited performance embedded solutions are often chosen.

Finally, the support for the realization of web interfaces is fundamental for the creation of graphic visualizations in ASEM RM2x IIoT Gateway systems that do not have a screen and therefore cannot take advantage of the native UNIQO HMI interface.

This addition makes UNIQO HMI a complete product to create optimized visualization solution for any device from embedded to mobile.

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